How a well-fitting suit should fit

For an aspiring gentleman it’s invaluable to understand the way a suit should fit. It’s too easy to make a simple mistake, especially when you’re not sure what is appropriate. After all, it’s less common to see someone wearing a suit than it used to be and that means you will be standing out, naturally. As any man knows, a well-fitted suit can bring you the confidence to succeed in anything you do.

1. The length of your sleeves

One of the first things you want to check when you first put on your jacket is your sleeves. If the suit is perfectly fitted, you will see half an inch of your shirt cuff showing from under the jacket sleeve. This will give you just enough contrast to set off the colours and compliment the rest of your suit, along with any cuff links you may have chosen.

2. Perfectly tucked shirt collar

Secondly, you’ll want to tuck your shirt collar into the lapel of the blazer you chose. This will ensure there won’t be unnecessary distractions with your look, and the seamless presentation will be sure to attract attention to your face. Further, if you choose a unique pattern for your tie, this will also help the pattern stand out!

3. Your shoulder seam

The third thing to remember when choosing the right suit for you is the length of the shoulder seam. With different suit designs, the seam may be shorter or longer. However, to have a properly fitting suit, that seem should be as long as the bone under it. Go ahead, feel the bone on your shoulder, and see where it ends.

4. Bonus tip: The buttons on the suit jacket

You may recall that there are only two buttons on the suit jacket. However, if you’re following these tips for a perfect fit then you will only be buttoning the top button of your suit. This aligns with the traditional way a suit is worn and will reflect very well on you. Although this may seem like a small detail, it will serve to confirm your understanding of fashion etiquette and you will appear more distinguished and assured.

This list can help when getting a custom-tailored suit crafted for your next occasion. By remembering these tips you can ensure a customized, perfect fit, and impress your colleagues and friends. 
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