Fashion Trivia: Unbelievable Fashion Trends that you didn’t know existed

When it comes to Fashion, people, and designers tend to be very creative. Sometimes, it results in a nice and fresh new attire or style, but most of the time, it ends up in a trend, that is better left on the drawing board.

In this article, we dive into a different side of fashion and look at some fashion trends, you didn’t know existed, and some, you wished you never had heard off.

Meggings – Leggings for men

No, this has nothing to do with a glam-rock revival. A new trend that appeared in recent years were leggings designed for men. Especially in Tokyo, Paris, London and New York, the Meggings enjoyed swift popularity.

The dad-choker – Fashion to die for

In the late 18th and 19th centuries, the dad-choker was a neck collar that was very stiff and tight. It had the side effect of cutting off the air pipe and many gentlemen fell victim to it. It was later replaced by the dress-shirt collar, which resulted in a, well, slightly healthier fashion.

Manpris – neither shorts nor pants

Manpris is a leg garment that is about 3/4 long. They were popular for a very short time in the 2000s and have since then vanished into obscurity. Some say it is for the better.

Opposuits – did the fashion-world go too far?

You have probably seen them, maybe even without knowing. When searching for a suit, sometimes one, or more results, end up presenting a suit that just looks ridiculous; with strange patterns and prints on them in very loud and bright colors. These suits are not to be taken seriously. The company behind them even advertises “ugly Christmas suits”.

RompHim – Rompers for Men

RompHims are essential rompers for men, and, if you want to call them that; one- sies. They originated on Kickstarter and have been a huge success ever since. Designed to be comfortable, with a good fit and versatility.

Men chokers

Back in the 90s, someone had the bright idea to make chokers for men and many just went with it. But as with many things and trends from the 90s, they didn’t stay alive long enough to tell their tale and have been forgotten very fast.

Deep V-neck shirts

They gained popularity in the 2000s, being a staple of professional-football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Due to that, many gentlemen tried to make them work, however, without success. Well, some fashion is better left untouched.

Special mention goes to the square-toed shoe. These are shoes with a squared front and so outdated, not even your grandpa would wear them.

These are a few pieces of fashion that actually exist!

Some of them are still worn, while others have been forgotten, thankfully!