Don’t ever do this – Fashion no-go’s that are justified

Everyone is guilty of committing a fashion faux pas every now and again. Many of them are avoidable, but some of them are also mistaken for fast trends. In order to remain classy and avoid fashion no-go’s, here are three golden rules to always abide by.

Fashion trends come and go, and it can be tempting to just buy into the latest styles for the season blindly. It’s easy enough to purchase cheap items online, but they are rarely worth the money. Most of the time, clothing bought from cheap online boutiques ends up being poorly stitched, made from cheaper materials that are likely to rip and tear, and often made unethically. Even if the clothes can withstand the test of time, the next trend has made its arrival and replaced it with something different. It’s better to invest money into simple, staple pieces that are going to last. Plain, well-structured items never go out of style and tend to look more flattering on everyone.

Don’t wear an ill-fitting suit

Suits are worn during some of the most important occasions in life, so it is quite important to own one that fits well and is made from quality materials. But few people realize that the best suit isn’t necessarily the most expensive one. As long as the suit is made from good, long-lasting materials (like wool, cotton or linen), an excellent tailor can do the rest. People often spend unnecessary amounts of money on a suit that fits correctly but end up compromising on the quality or style. A great tailor will be able to transform anything to fit perfectly, often for a fraction of the price of designer clothing. This applies to not just suits, but all clothing items in general – a tailor is able to perfect the sizing of almost any piece of clothing, creating the perfect fit for all body shapes and sizes.

Don’t be afraid of colour or patterns

It can be tempting to create a safe wardrobe that is full of monochrome clothing that all works well together, but colour and patterns can bring personality to an otherwise boring outfit, and help you stand out. There’s no need to go crazy if it feels uncomfortable, but small pops of colour or texture can help create personality without appearing obnoxious. Standing out in subtle ways is very rarely a bad thing, and can help to create a bold sense of style. Invest in a few statement pieces, and watch how they transform even the most boring of outfits.

When it comes to fashion, less is always more. It’s always best to invest in a few really great pieces that are going to last, rather than purchasing poor quality and ill-fitting items that will be out of style in a season. Great tailors are able to alter clothes so that they fit perfectly, and flatter every body shape. They also offer helpful tips and tricks to avoid dreaded fashion nightmares, and they help clients to create a style that is classic and timeless. If you’re looking for inspiration or find yourself in need of a new, custom-tailored suit and want to know more about our pricing and procedure, please feel free to get in touch!