Confidence – the key to really standing out

Business-wear should make you look and feel confident. Whether you’re having an interview and looking to further your career, attending a key business meeting or you’re an entrepreneur keen to make a good first impression, the way you wear your suit should make you look and feel confident. Wearing a suit with confidence is about getting the details right. Once you’ve put them all together, you’ve nailed it.

How to wear a suit jacket

The suit jacket is the focal point of the look. And getting it right is all about the fitting. Your suit jacket should lie flat against the contours of your shoulders giving definition. If the jacket is too tight, you’ll feel it against your belly when it’s buttoned up and you’ll feel it riding up when you move – both of which will make you feel self-conscious and knock your confidence.

The collar is key to getting the jacket right too. The jacket collar should sit flush against the collar of your shirt without any gaps. This will complete the shoulder definition and keep the suit looking sleek and stylish. So, don’t scrimp on the shirt; it’s an important part of the look and a cheap shirt can detract from a good quality suit.

The sleeves of the jacket should sit just short of the cuffs to allow around half an inch of the shirt to be exposed. You should be able to move freely without scrunching the jacket or feeling restricted.

With the jacket done up you should be able to slide our hand comfortably between the jacket and shirt but without room to turn your hand over. If you can do that, chances are you’ve got the fit just right. Remember, comfort breeds confidence.

How to wear suit trousers

Suit trousers must be properly fitted. Baggy trousers will ruin the look of and suit. And trousers which are too tight will not only restrict your movement, they’ll have you constantly fearing the sound of ripped fabric.

Properly fitted trousers will help to shape and define the overall look of the suit and should rest on the top of your shoes without gathering around the ankle.


Ties and pocket squares should be the same color. And the same applies to belts and shoes. Too many colors will make the suit look ‘busy’ and you’ll lose any sense of sophistication. When it comes to accessories less is definitely more so if in doubt, leave it out. Finally, make sure your hair complements your suit and you’re wearing a decent fragrance.

Look in the mirror

Follow this advice and you’re sure to look great, and that alone should give you confidence. But just to make sure, check yourself in the mirror before you leave. Seeing how great you look will add to your confidence. Check your posture and see how it feels when the suit fits perfectly. Then remember that feeling and concentrate on maintaining it. Practice makes perfect and the more you focus on it the more natural it will become.

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