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Complete guide to wearing checks

When it comes to shirt patterns, checks aren’t necessarily the most professional choice in the business world, but it’s definitely one of the more prominent fashion statements that refuses to die off despite its roots in history as an identifier for Scottish tribals. In the modern age, checks are the style of the day, being worn by everyone all the way from office workers down to the pop stars and singers. It’s quite surprising how versatile the checked pattern can be, managing to pull of sophisticated, while also nailing the laid-back look that suits those Saturday shopping sprees.

With this short guide, we’ll be walking you through all the ideas you can use when wearing checks, and with any luck, you’ll be a master at wearing checks no matter the occasion, and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much this pattern of humble origins can pull off.

Check pattern


Checks come in many different forms, and you’d do nicely to know the names of a few. From the popular and simple ‘buffalo’ to the ‘Prince of Wales’ of royal origin, the large variety on offer might be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ll be simplifying the process of elimination down to the most basic of concepts. Case in point, the size of the checks. For smaller checks, you’ll be giving off a much cleaner look than wider checks, and this can be nicely augmented by finding patterns that are uniform, along with having a neutral clean color palate, giving you a shirt that is perfect for situations requiring you to look suave yet professional. For the best effect, pair these with neutral-colored trousers and shoes to nail that formal look.

When it comes to wider checks, you’ll be giving off a more casual look that suits those weekend outings. These prints are perfect for adventurous color matching. We’d recommend you go for jeans of a slim fit when it comes to this for a nice effect. A nice rule of thumb is to limit yourself to two colors, which will ensure that your outfit of choice won’t look too complex.

Material and Color

Now that you’ve decided on the pattern you want, you’ll need to make up your mind regarding materials and color. Depending on when you’ll be wearing your checked shirts, different materials may be in order. For the warm summer weather, cotton or wool will be excellent choices, thanks to their unrivalled temperature control. For cooler months, you’ll be fine with thicker shirts of linen or blends. You can even consider adding on an underlying T-shirt beneath your buttoned up shirt to keep yourself warm. For colors, you can find any combination imaginable in stores, and if by some chance you can’t find it, you can have a custom-made shirt made by a professional tailor. Some ground rules are that a combination of colors will give a casual look, while darker colors of some consistency will nail that semi-formal feel. Finally, if you want to work with professional, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true white and blue. Do avoid patterned ties though.

Parting words


If you’re convinced, just bear in mind that checks are a busy pattern, and if you’re adding anything up top, you’ll want to find something simple, solid jackets and suits being a key example. And speaking of keys, you’ll want to find apparel of a good fit, as anything that looks good will falter if it doesn’t fit you nicely. That’s where we come in. We are Louis Collections, based in Bangkok, and we’re here to help you out with alterations and even custom designs. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.