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Complementing your partners out with a wedding suit

The wedding is, and probably always will be, one of the most important days in an adult gentleman’s life. This is the day in life where one needs to shine, the one occasion there is that needs to be truly perfect, since not only you, the gentleman, are imagining a perfect wedding, but also your coming wife to be.
With preparations being under way, chances are that you’ve got your hands full in making sure that everything is right, no perfect for the day – and this amongst a mile long to-do list, also includes your suit. That’s the most fun part for you though, we can guarantee that.
To make sure that the suit of your choice is picture perfect for your wedding, it comes down to a number of factors. Those factors we’ll look at here, in this article, for you, the groom, the husband to be.

Who is going to wear the suit?

First of all, you need to establish who is going to be wearing a suit. Don’t be puzzled. This is not a strange question. There are many of same sex couples nowadays that are getting married, so it mostly applies to them, but also an increasing number of women in straight marriages, have left the traditional white dress for a sharp suit instead. Who could blame them? We won’t.
Why is this important? Whether your wife to be is going to wear a suit or a wedding dress is important to know, because pairing your suit with another suit, or a dress are two completely different things. Complementing another suit is a totally different matter, compared to pairing one with a wedding dress.

Complementing your partner’s outfit

If your partner is opting for a traditional white wedding dress, then you’ve got pretty much open reign about what you can wear to complement her look. A thing to keep in mind is, that the colors and theme of the wedding should be tried to be incorporated into your look. If your partner decides to go with a wedding dress, which is just off white, for example a pastel shade of pink, then you can simply use accessories, such as your tie or pocket square in order to complement her dress.
Now if she decides not to be wearing a wedding dress, then you’ll need to consider how you will go about complementing each other’s suits as opposed to clashing. One solution for a bride and groom in suits could be that the groom wears a traditionally dark suit, while the bride wears a white one. This is also a look that 2 female partners can opt for, with the beauty of the combination stemming from the fact it maintains the “bride dressed in white” look which is commonly associated with weddings, albeit with a modern twist with the help of the suit.

If however you and your partner are planning to steer clear of the traditional wedding look, then you can still complement one another’s looks.
A favourite amongst some couples is to have one partner in a blazer and trousers, while the other instead opts for a waistcoat and trousers. This allows you to wear similar suits, without the fear of clashing.
Alternatively, if you both want to wear the same suits, then don’t choose anything that is too bold. Keep the suit itself minimal instead, yet elegant, and if you feel the need add a little character then do so with your accessories.
If both of you are planning to be wearing a suit, then get them tailored from the same place. The last thing you’ll want, is to outshine your partner with a perfectly fitted suit while the ill-fitting nature of theirs makes them stand out for all of the wrong reasons.
What more is, be sure to also plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time to make all of the necessary alterations. Try doing so while knowing how you want your venue to look on the day, as this could impact your look. It’s worth remembering that custom-tailored suits can be made exactly how you want them to be, allowing you to make sure that each nuance of detail is to your exact taste, from the buttons through to the stitching.

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