Coat Styles - Which coat to keep you warm in Autumn

Coat Styles: Which coat to keep you warm in Autumn?

A good quality coat is an essential part of your wardrobe and, if chosen well, can last for years. It’s going to be a garment you wear with many different outfits so it’s important to buy one that will complement your fall and winter style and fit your body type. The first thing to consider is the cut. You don’t want a coat that is too close to your body as you’ll be wearing it with layers and you don’t want it to look too tight and to restrict your movement when you wear a chunky sweater underneath it. The color is an important consideration too. If you plan to wear it with your business suit or for formal occasions, you’ll want to stick to the obvious colors such as navy, black or gray. If it’s for casual wear, then why not go for a peacoat or a duffle coat and experiment with something a bit more colorful. Here we look at some of the most popular coat options for men:

The single-breasted overcoat

Simple. Timeless. Stylish. It suits most body types and is available in a range of fabrics. An overcoat should end below the knee and should have a single vent to the rear to allow you to move freely. For warmth, you should choose a heavy fabric such as wool but other, lighter fabrics are available such as cashmere for a touch of luxury. This is an ideal coat for business attire and dark shades will pair well with any formal wear but if you decide you want to mix things up a bit, this style looks good in beige or camel.

The double-breasted overcoat

A more formal option but one that isn’t a great option for shorter men as the broad cut can serve to make you look shorter and wider around the middle. This shouldn’t be a problem for taller men, particularly if you are slim but if you are a larger build it can add weight to your silhouette. This is ideal for a formal occasion and probably a bit too much for day to day wear.

The long coat

Longer coats that finish mid-calf have the opposite effect and are generally quite flattering. They look great if you have a slim frame but if you’re tall they can make you look gangly and you might want to look for alternative styles. Long coats should be quite fitted and drape neatly over your shoulders as a loose-fitting one will look more like a dressing gown and you’ll lose all style.

The duffle coat

This is quite an informal option that has its roots in the military. Because of this, it is not a particularly fitted garment although modern incarnations do go more for the style than the original version. Distinguished by its hood, large pockets, and drawstring, this coat can be worn a bit looser and is a good option over thick knitted sweaters that might not work so well under other coats. It pairs well with chunky winter wear and there’s really no limit on color options.

Whichever style you go for, a bespoke made coat is your best option for the perfect fit. Off-the-rack coats tend to be tight around the arm and not allow you to move freely. At Louis Collections in Bangkok, we specialize in bespoke tailored to keep you warm and stylish. To view our range or to place an order visit our website.