Christmas-themed fashion; is this too much?

Christmas and Christmas themed fashion comes but once a year. And with it comes a party season that runs from late November to New Years’ Eve. It’s a time when some fashion rules go out of the window and you can be a little more ‘cheesy’ with your style. But how do you determine just how far you can go with the cheesiness? And what would be considered too far?

Here we look at some of the potential pitfalls for men and women when it comes to Christmas fashion:


Women arguably have it easier when it comes to Christmas fashion as they can get away with far more than men can. But that freedom comes with risks of its own because it becomes easy to go too far and end up looking like a 70’s game show. So where are the boundaries? Firstly, glittery and shimmery is in. More so than at any other time of the year, glitter is allowed (and even encouraged) in casual wear. This is where you can get away with cheese and a slightly more childish style with pom-poms, tinsel, etc that show you’re getting involved. On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you’ll even get away with Christmas themed earrings. But nothing too tacky, those cheap earrings are infamous for causing skin irritation.

For evening events, it’s a very different story. The shimmer is still ok, but try to think of block colors and long dresses instead. Then it’s all about the sparkle that you add with your accessories. And this is where you can have fun. As long as it’s good quality jewelry, don’t be afraid to make it a statement. It can be big, bold, and brash just so long as it complements the colors you’re wearing. We’ve seen women try green earrings with a blue dress before just because it’s Christmas. And let me tell you, that was too much. So stick to traditional color combinations, but don’t be afraid to ramp it up just a little bit for the season.


If you must wear a Christmas jumper, only wear it when you’re with the kids. There really is nothing less stylish than a man out on the town with a huge Santa face on his belly. For day to day casual wear, usual winter rules apply. Thick fabrics, cable-knit sweaters, and jeans or chinos are perfectly acceptable. For a slightly more seasonal look, add a scarf and maybe a woolen hat (remembering, of course, to ensure the colors work together).

Again evening wear is something not to be messed with too much. A navy suit will be complemented by red accessories of your after seasonal colors, or if you prefer the sleekness of silver and black, they also make a great combination. If you’re particularly brave, and if the occasion allows it, you could opt for a bold colored suit such as a red or green. Just be aware, these demands to be worn with confidence and should only be considered if your usual style is out there.

Christmas fashion is easy to get wrong, but it’s also easy to get right. If in doubt, play safe and go for your usual style, with maybe just a splash of color to give a nod to the season.

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