Ordering from abroad; our tailoring process

Many people ask us ‘How can you provide bespoke tailoring services from abroad?’ And it’s a good question. After all, you want to know you can trust your tailor. So here’s our guide to how ordering from abroad works and how you can be sure you’re getting the best quality in suits. Measuring guide Firstly, […]

The coat; a must-have this Winter

The coat is a must-have every winter. But back in the day, it was often nothing more than a practical garment worn just to keep out the cold. These days we embrace the fashion possibilities of a coat and make it part of our style. Here we look at what’s in style this winter when […]

Prepare for Autumn in Style

Autumn weather is unpredictable and it’s easy to get caught out in the wrong gear or, even worse, looking like you’ve made no effort to look good. But as with all style choices, fall fashion just requires a bit of thought and some preparation. Bulk up your own look The weather may be changing but […]