Tailoring 101: Buttoning Options

When it comes to suit buttoning in men’s fashion there are really two options; 2 button or 3 button jackets. 2 button jacket The most common is the 2 button jacket which is difficult to get wrong irrespective of your size, build, or weight. The top button of the 2 button jacket is lower than […]

An inspirational guide to Tuxedos

A tuxedo (or dinner jacket) is a classic piece of formal wear and one of the pinnacles of gent’s clothing. Traditionally reserved for events such as black-tie dinners, cocktail parties, and award ceremonies, the tux is increasingly becoming a popular choice for grooms. Wearing a dinner jacket well is a matter of understanding tuxedo etiquette […]

Tailoring 101: Sports Coat or Blazer?

It’s a common misconception that sports coats and blazers are the same things. And it’s easy to see why given that they look so similar. But they are two different garments with differing characteristics, and it’s important to know the difference. Get it right and you nail the look. Get it wrong and it’ll be […]

Tailoring 101: Trouser Styles

Most men acknowledge that they can’t wear the same shirt or the same jacket too often, but for some reason, many of them think that wearing the same pair of pants for every occasion is acceptable. Now, it’s true that pants are versatile and can be worn with different outfits and styles. But the same […]

Tailoring 101: Jacket Cuff Styles

When buying a suit, you make not take any notice of the jacket cuffs. They’re one of those minor details which don’t really grab the limelight – but would be obvious if they were missing or if they were a bit too showy and drew the eye to them. If, however, you’re having a bespoke […]

All you need to know about summer suits

Summer brings with it an easy, laid-back vibe. But that should be no excuse to let standards slip. So, how do you dress well for the office, a meeting, or any other summer event? As always, it’s important to understand the protocol and the rules for different situation. If there is a dress code, make […]

Tailoring 101: Suit patterns

The fabric patterns used for men’s suits are created by interweaving differently colored threads. Here we look at some of the most common patterns found in men’s suits. Block colors These are fabrics made of one solid color with no inherent patterns. The most common style for the workplace and for formal occasions. Crosshatch At […]

Tailoring 101: Lapel styles

Lapels originate from the 18th century when men wore collars that stood up and would be turned down during warm spells. Over time the turned-down collar became more fashionable and the lapel was born. Lapels are an important part of a jacket and help define its style. Here we look at the three basic styles […]

Tailoring 101: Cuff styles

Cuffs are an important part of the anatomy of a shirt and go a long way to determining the outfit’s level of formality. There are many different styles and each has its place in men’s fashion. Here we look at 5 of the most popular styles and how they help define the look: Barrel cuffs […]

Ordering from abroad; our tailoring process

Many people ask us ‘How can you provide bespoke tailoring services from abroad?’ And it’s a good question. After all, you want to know you can trust your tailor. So here’s our guide to how ordering from abroad works and how you can be sure you’re getting the best quality in suits. Measuring guide Firstly, […]

Tailoring 101: Collar Styles

Not all shirt collars are the same and it’s important to know what shirt to wear for which occasion. And one of the most important style choices when it comes to a shirt and when or where it should be worn is the collar. Here we look at 7 styles of the collar and when […]

The coat; a must-have this Winter

The coat is a must-have every winter. But back in the day, it was often nothing more than a practical garment worn just to keep out the cold. These days we embrace the fashion possibilities of a coat and make it part of our style. Here we look at what’s in style this winter when […]

What fabric for what occasion?

The sheer number of options available when buying a suit can make the choice seem bewildering. The key is to know what type of suit you’re looking for, and this will be based on the occasion, season and how regularly you intend to wear it. Here we look at some of the popular materials to […]

Prepare for Autumn in Style

Autumn weather is unpredictable and it’s easy to get caught out in the wrong gear or, even worse, looking like you’ve made no effort to look good. But as with all style choices, fall fashion just requires a bit of thought and some preparation. Bulk up your own look The weather may be changing but […]