Bangkok Fashion: Why it is worth ordering your suit at Louis Collections

Bangkok fashion: Why order your suit from Louis Collections

It’s a good question. There are thousands of tailors out there, so why choose us?


Firstly, with Louis Collections you know you’re choosing experienced tailors. We’ve been producing custom-tailored suits for 40 years and all of our tailors are highly trained and experienced. We apply the same exacting standards to recruitment that we do to our tailoring so anybody we bring on board must demonstrate absolute perfection.

Loyal customers

We’ve tailored suits for people from all walks of life. From billionaire businessmen to students going to their first job interview. Our tailors have handcrafted garments for people across the globe, and many of them keep coming back. That’s because we have high standards and set high expectations of ourselves. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself by checking out the feedback page of our website.

The best fabrics

We use only the finest fabrics in every single garment. We understand how important good quality fabric is to each and every suit. Good quality fabric is the only road to suit perfection. Cheaper options just won’t provide the elegance that we demand in a suit so we simply won’t use them. It also ensures longevity. A bespoke suit is an investment. It’s something to be treasured, respected, and worn time and again. And we’re committed to making every suit we produce last for many years and many wears. This can only be achieved by using top quality fabrics.

On trend

Fashion is a fast-paced industry and it demands that you keep up to date. Miss a trick and you’re behind the game. And that’s no good for clients who want a modern, stylish look. So, we make it our business to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world of fashion. And we’re constantly looking at ways that new trends can be incorporated into existing designs to keep them up to date while maintaining the traditional aspects of suiting which define it as the sophisticated choice of gents.

The tailoring experience

Every man should experience the luxury of the tailoring experience. Few things in life beat the confidence and feel of wearing a suit well, but that’s just the end result. First comes the consultation, the fitting, and the design. A suit is a work of art, and we give you the chance to be part of the design of it. We’ll talk through your style, discuss fabrics and work with you to create the perfect garment for your requirements. If you’re in Bangkok, you’ll have 3 fittings in-store with amendments made at every stage to ensure a supreme fit. And if you’re abroad you can use our measuring guide to get 15 different measurements for precision and perfection in your suit.

At Louis Collections, we love what we do. For us, tailoring is more than just a job. It’s a craft and a passion. But at the heart of everything we do is you, the customer. If you’re thinking of getting a bespoke made suit, check out our website for details of how we can get you looking suave and debonair.