An inspirational guide to Tuxedos

An inspirational guide to Tuxedos

A tuxedo (or dinner jacket) is a classic piece of formal wear and one of the pinnacles of gent’s clothing. Traditionally reserved for events such as black-tie dinners, cocktail parties, and award ceremonies, the tux is increasingly becoming a popular choice for grooms. Wearing a dinner jacket well is a matter of understanding tuxedo etiquette and then finding your own style within it.

What is tuxedo etiquette?

First of all, this is absolutely not a daytime outfit. A tuxedo should never be worn before 6 pm.

A tuxedo should have silk/satin lapels and down the outside of the leg. Buttons and pocket trims should also be satin. These details help to elevate the tuxedo above a formal suit.

Shoes must be patent leather and glossy.

For formal events, trousers should be black and the jacket should match or it can be white. These days, other options are available and it’s not uncommon to see navy tuxedos worn to prom or by a groom. And in swish winter affairs such as a Christmas or New Years’ Eve party, velvet tuxedos in bright colors bring an added element of fun.

Shirts should be white with a pleated front or pique and a wing collar and double cuffs.

You can choose to wear a cummerbund or a vest. Generally speaking for a formal dinner or ceremony, the cummerbund is appropriate but if you’re wearing a tuxedo as a groom or to a prom, you may prefer a vest.

For a formal event, a black bow tie should be worn unless you opt for a white dinner jacket in which case a red bow tie is equally acceptable.

Cufflinks are essential as you’ll be wearing a double cuff. These allow you to bring your personality to the outfit, but please stay classy. Novelty cufflinks are a friend to no-one and can utterly ruin the outfit.

A pocket square can be worn to add a touch of color. Worn well, it brings an air of sophistication to the outfit.

Should I hire or buy a tuxedo?

If the event requires a tuxedo, it deserves respect. You can, of course, hire a tuxedo or buy one off-the-rack, but they will be designed with a kind of one-size-fits-all theory that is in stark contrast to what the tuxedo should be – sleek, elegant, and perfectly fitted. A tailored tuxedo is an outfit that every man should own.

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