All you need to know about summer suits

All you need to know about summer suits

Summer brings with it an easy, laid-back vibe. But that should be no excuse to let standards slip. So, how do you dress well for the office, a meeting, or any other summer event? As always, it’s important to understand the protocol and the rules for different situation. If there is a dress code, make sure that what you rock up in is suitable and appropriate. That said, summer style is one that you should have fun with. Rather than an excuse to slack off, summer fashion should be seen as a chance to experiment with different colors and fabrics.

What to Look for in a Summer Suit

The two most important aspects to look for in your summer suit are comfort and breathability. No matter how stylish your suit, if your dripping with sweat or there is huge wet patches on your shirt or jacket, that style is out the window. The weight, texture, and breathability of a suit are determined by the way it is constructed. An unlined or half-lined suit will allow for more ventilation and will make the whole thing lighter and cooler but you will lose some of the structure of the suit so it will be more likely to crease and your silhouette will be less defined. Given the more relaxed nature of summer attire, this isn’t necessarily a problem, just make sure that the accessories you choose to wear fit the vibe. Anything too formal will likely make the suit look out of place and ruin the entire look.

Summer Suit Fabrics

It’s time to ditch wool, tweed and cashmere in favor of lighter fabrics:


Light and breathable, linen is a classic summer fabric. It has an effortless charm and has an instantly recognizable texture. For work or for a more formal occasion you may want to consider a linen blend that will hold its shape and stay wrinkle-free for longer.


One of the most versatile choices, a cotton suit is refined yet casual. It’s stiffer than wool but while also lighter and more breathable. Traditional colors such as gray and navy work just as well in cotton as they do in wool, but it’s material that works well in pastels too so don’t be afraid to spice things up and go for a real summer vibe.


Seersucker is a cotton fabric defined by its signature striped, crinkled surface and strategic puckering. Great for casual wear and (possibly) a dress down Friday, it’s not appropriate for a formal setting but, like linen, is a staple of men’s summer suiting and would be a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe.


A stylish Italian blend of multiple strands of yarn and high-twisted wool with an open weave creates a very airy, yet durable fabric. The sharp look of the fabric makes a fresco suit elegant and refined, and it will wick away–not absorb–sweat to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

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